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Exclusive Offering is Largest-Ever Genealogical Publication Online, Containing 2.9 Million Images and 124 Million Names

PROVO, Utah, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc., a leading online subscription business and the leading network for connecting families, announced today that the entire 1930 U.S. Federal Census is now available online exclusively through it's web site. Available at the touch of a button, information captured more than 72 years ago on 124 million Americans is now on the Internet. It is a treasure trove of information that will help pinpoint an American family's location and situation in 1930. made history by publishing online the first digitized images of the 1930 Census within hours of the official census release by the National Archives on April 1, 2002. Now, just nine months later, has again made history by successfully digitizing all 2,667 rolls of microfilm, publishing the resulting 2.9 million images online and indexing all of the 124 million names contained in the census. This exclusive index makes it possible to simply type in the name of someone who lived in 1930 and see the rich information the census captured about that person.

The 1930 Census makes legendary figures come alive.  From memorable actors and influential artists to ambitious industrialists and ingenious inventors, many of the personalities listed in the 1930 United States Census are representative of the expansion, innovation and development of the nation. Shirley Temple is listed as 1 and 11/12 years old; Frank Sinatra, age 24, is found living with his parents and lists himself as an actor, though states he is not employed; Henry Ford, automobile manufacturer lists four servants living in his home and an additional four servants and their families living rent-free in homes on his estate; Harry S. Truman, wife and daughter, are found living with his mother-in-law; Ronald Reagan is listed as living with his parents who were renting a home in Dixon City, Illinois for $45.00 a month; and George H. W. Bush is listed as Walker at age 5. Other notable figures found in the census include Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, Joe DiMaggio, Walt Disney, Andrew Warhol, and Charles Lindbergh.

The 1930 Census paints a portrait of the nation, capturing one of the most complex and influential decades Americans have ever seen. Sandwiched between two monumental events in American history -- the Great Depression's "Black Tuesday" of 1929 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 -- the 1930s were a time of struggle and sacrifice for many Americans. The census provides many details on how individuals and families lived during this difficult time in America.

Americans are more likely to find their ancestors in the 1930 Census than in any genealogical database ever published. If your family lived in the United States in 1930 they were almost certainly counted and will be listed in the 1930 Census. Tom Stockham, president and CEO of, said, "MyFamily is making it easier to find your ancestors and discover the information that brings these people to life. People used to search through rolls and rolls of microfilm with varying degrees of success. Now with just a few keystrokes, they can search through millions of records from anywhere at anytime."

Professional genealogist and author Loretto Szucs, who has spent years researching her family tree, knows what a valuable tool the indexes can be in finding ancestors who were once lost. "The census allows you to see a snapshot of what life was like for your ancestors. You can learn about their lives, who they were and what they did," Szucs said. "I used to think that I was looking for other people, someone from the past. Now I realize that through all of the searching for others, what I found was myself."

In addition to the new 1930 U.S. Census collection, currently offers records from every U.S. Census (1790 - 1930). The most complete collection of U.S. Census images available online, the collection provides users with online access to more than 549 million names in 12.7 million images.  The complete collection of U.S. Census images is available to subscribers for $99.95 as an annual subscription or $39.95 as a quarterly subscription.

An interactive tour of the 1930 Census is available at:

About, Inc., Inc. is among the largest online subscription businesses, with over 900,000 paid subscriptions.  A next-generation media company, MyFamily is focused on connecting families with their histories and one another.  The company provides both free and paid subscription services through it's network of Internet properties, which include:, the number one source for tracing family history online;, and the oldest and largest free genealogy community online; and, the foremost provider of private family web sites.  The Company also publishes Ancestry magazine, Genealogical Computing magazine, Ancestry Family Tree software, over 50 book titles, and databases on CD-ROM.


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